Comparative Market Analysis

What is a CMA?

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve at least wondered about how much your home is truly worth. Maybe you’ve kept an eye on similar homes for sale in your neighborhood, or maybe you’ve gotten an instant estimate online at some point. There are plenty of ways to get a rough idea of your home’s value.  

Only trouble is, most instant home valuations only focus on part of the equation. To get a more accurate estimate, I’ll help you by conducting a FREE comparative market analysis.

A CMA is an examination of the prices at which similar, nearby homes recently sold. By looking only at sold homes – as opposed to homes that are currently on the market – CMAs provide a factual evaluation of market values in your neighborhood. These are often done by a real estate agent to establish a listing price for a home seller, or for a potential buyer to help guide an offer amount. Most CMA reports do not mention the home in question. Instead, the focus is on what is happening in the local market. It details the value of similar homes in terms of age, condition, size and several other traits. By analyzing this data, you can arrive at the fair market value of your own home.  Simply put, a CMA is typically done to set an asking price or decide on an offer amount. 

What I will look at: location, age, condition, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities and price.  

Location – In most cases, location is the most important aspect of determining which homes are comparable to yours.  

Condition – A home’s condition can be subjective and difficult to quantify, but it’s crucial to note recent upgrades or dated features that can swing a home’s value up or down.  

Square footage – Size definitely matters. For a home to truly be comparable, it should be within 200 square feet or less of the size of your home. 

Number of bedrooms and bathrooms – The bedroom/bathroom count has a major influence on home value, no matter the size of the home.  

Amenities – These can include features like swimming pools, sunrooms, even an AC unit.  

Once I have your 4-6 comparable homes, I carefully go through all the data, analyzing each facet to determine your home's market value. Once completed, I package it all up in an easy to flip through and read portfolio. 

All done for FREE!

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